Let's Talk: What's your favorite movie?


My housemate (Liana) brought up this question recently and it got my thinking. Often we don’t just pick movies as our “favorite” unless we have an emotional attachment to it. It’s always interesting to me why people pick certain movies as their favorite (probably because I’m #forevernosy). So I decided to turn this into a housemate party and invite my two housemates to contribute!

I’ll start!

Me: My favorite movie is The Family Stone. My family watches it every Christmas Eve and it makes me tear up every single year. Diane Keaton is a true legend and her outfits in this movie are stunning. Also the house is covered in head to toe wallpaper, there’s a Meet Me in St. Louis cameo that breaks my heart every time, and it made receiving a snow globe for Christmas seem like the most romantic gesture in the world (you go Brad Stevenson!!). What’s there not to love about this movie?? You’ve got Diane, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson and Craig T. Nelson all in the same room most of the time!!

My entire family loves the movie as well, which definitely adds to its charm. We often never agree on a movie but when it’s Christmas Eve, we all know what we’ll be watching once we get back from mass.

Amanda: “My favorite movie is High School Musical. Not to quote one of the songs but it breaks the status quo, it allows young people to dream and it shows sweet innocence in every scene. Oh, and Zac Efron is always easy on the eyes.” (Fun fact from editor: Amanda invited me to watch the High School Musical that was coming out (back in 2007) with her and some friends freshman year of high school and that was when we became friends! We’ve been best friends ever since and now we get to be housemates!!)

Liana: “I like the movie Ben Hur. The new one, not the old one. It’s a movie about dedication, loyalty, commitment, duty, family, endurance, hard work, and most of all that love is stronger than hate. And it also has Jesus and horses in it! My two favorite things.” (Fun fact from editor: Liana OWNS the house we all live in because she’s a boss and she also has a sweet horse named Wrangler!)

I’m so grateful for these two and their friendship. is there anything better than having amazing housemates?

what’s your favorite movie? and why?