City Spotlight: A Perfect Day in New York City


Let’s Explore!

Ashley knows the best spots

Editors note: Ashley E. and i are friends from college and are essentially the same person. that’s how our mutual friend introduced us to one another. we love pretty things, fancy coffee shops, pop culture, and all things current. ashley is the kind of friend that you will always get a great recommendation from. she’s fearless and feminine and even though she’s newer to new york city, she takes her recommendations seriously so buckle up and take notes!

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8:00 am- wake up

Hop out of bed (jk give me 5) and the best thing to do is head to a Saturday morning farmers market to get goodies for the week (ideally Inwood or Union Square).

10:00 AM: back from the farmers market, pick a brunch spot with pals (tip: try and convince your friends for any early-ish brunch - it gets to be pretty bonkers at 1:00PM). Some favs -

Upper Manhattan: Community, Bluestone Lane (Locations all throughout the city, though - my favorite locations are UWS and EUS), Jacobs Pickles, The Penrose

Midtown: Marta (Not hating on midtown, but I just avoid it as much as possible)

Downtown: Jack’s Wife Freda (2 locations - Carmine Street may be my favorite brunch spot in the entire city), Clover Grocery, Barrio Chino, West~Bourne, and Banter, Wilfie & Nell

washington square park.JPG

2:00 pm- grab a coffee (or bottle of wine) and hop over to a park

Here are my favorite coffee shops and parks (below)

First, drinks:

Coffee: La Colombe, Blue Bottle, Gotham Coffee Roasters, Joe Coffee, Happy Bones, Laughing Man, Maman (Lavender hot chocolate!)

Wine: Any bodega and wine shop will do! They’re all over and have a big selection of cheap-ish wine that doesn’t remind you of bad boxed wine from college.



always necessary to point out



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4PM- Museums!

Favorite way to see the city - located all over and you can find the right museum to suit your mood. Here are some of my favorites

Cooper Hewitt_1.JPG

cooper hewitt

  • Tenament

  • Guggenheim

  • Met

  • Cooper Hewitt

  • MoMA ps1

  • The Whitney

Jacks Wife Freda (not my photo - from website).jpg

7PM- Dinnertime!

Or 6PM if you’re trying to catch a show

8PM: Show or live music

There is so much art in this city - hop over to midtown to see a Broadway show or head downtown for a plethora of Off-Broadway options. My other favorite thing to do is see live music or search for a secret show in the city.

late night

there’s always something to do


Take the trek on the 1 train to the 145th stop and walk up a few blocks to The Honeywell - the 70s inspired bar is intimate but still fun and they have every drink you could ever want, including a drink in a lava lamp (!!!). Still don’t see what you want? The bartenders will mix something for you if you tell them what you like. After that, there’s the bar At the Wallace that is like an adult playground - pinball, life-size Jenga, shuffleboard...and dirt cheap drinks.


All you need to do is go to Mother’s Ruin - fried chicken sandwich and a Tecate with the works. Trust me on this one.


Dollar pizza is always a good idea

The Met.jpg

misc. things to plug into your day

because there’s always more

  • Walk around downtown (specifically West Village, East Village, Soho, Lower East Side)

  • Go see the Freedom Tower

  • Check out an art gallery

  • Go to a monologue rehearsal for a late-night show (tickets same day from the NBC store)

  • Look for sample sales or pop-up shops

  • If it’s summer, you can go to the beach! (Jacob Riis and Rockaway are favs)

  • Smorgasburg!

  • Vintage stores are all over the city! Great guide here

  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (sunset is an amazing time to do so!)

  • SPORTS! (Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Knicks, Nets are the best to go to)

thanks ashley!! get ready for a visitor soon because this makes me want to book a plane ticket pronto!

what are some of your top recommendations for NYC?