How do you make coffee?

Last week my housemate brought up an interesting point. There are three of us living in one house and we all drink coffee differently. Liana makes a single pour over, Amanda drinks from a Mr. Coffee coffee machine, and I make a french press. We almost cover all the basic ways to make coffee under one roof!

It’s such a simple thing yet somehow you can easily make it a unique and personal process. I know, for me, coffee is more than just a caffeine fix. If anything I don’t feel like it wakes me up at all in the morning. It’s more about the ritual and the coziness of holding a mug filled with hot coffee (I especially love a ceramic mug from somewhere cool).

So I like the long game of a french press, Amanda needs the convenience of a quick cup of coffee, and Liana likes to be fancy but also make it quick. But what about you?

How do you make your coffee? And why do you make it that way?

Oh, and happy end of October! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween tomorrow. We’re kicking off November with an amazing post about living in Spain so stay tuned!!

Here’s to hoping November cools down a little bit (both in temperature and with plans!).


*photo from A Lady in London