Fall 10x10


my first capsule wardrobe

and probably my last…

I’ve always loved the idea of a capsule wardrobe. It helps you be grateful for what you have and try to be creative versus buying more and more clothes every time you’re over your wardrobe. I’m all about that. So I thought, why not try the 10x10 created by some of my favorite bloggers Caroline (of Unfancy) and Lee (of Style Bee)? The idea is that you pick 10 items of clothing for 10 days. Easy peasy. Shoes are included but outerwear and work-out clothes are not. Even better.

Well friends, I tried it and failed. There’s no other way to say it. I was strong for 5 days (the work week) and by the time the weekend rolled around I wanted to reach deeper into my closet and never look at the same shirts and pants I’d picked out for the week. Needless to say, I got a solid 50% for this challenge. But I’m ok with that and Caroline and Lee would never say I truly failed. What I love about the challenge itself but also those ladies is that it’s not about doing the challenge perfectly but trying something new and experimenting with what you already own.

What I realized is that I love making an outfit when I have the time. So I loved having the capsule during the week when I’m always busy and on the go but on the weekends I wanted to have fun with my clothes and not feel restricted. Plus I often do some outfit changes throughout the day anyways and it didn’t really allow for that kind of wiggle room.

But anyways! I did manage to take some sweet selfies of a couple of my outfits before I completely gave up. :) Take a look:


All 10 items

Here’s me trying to be artsy


Making my list

checking it twice (jk)


Day one

I call this the ‘cozy Speech Therapist’ look

Got my Allbirds (tree skippers-the best!), jeans are AG (similar), striped tie shirt from Banana Republic (similar) and my trusty Madewell Transport tote.


day two

featuring lunchbox

Wearing: Northface puffer (similar), rose gold flats are from Marshalls, same AG jeans, and a Madewell shirt (similar ) with side ties. Oh and don’t forget the Roxy lunchbox.


day four

the sticker was the best piece of this outfit

I’m a big fan of the Canadian tuxedo. This jean shirt is an oldie but a goodie. I got it from H&M back in college on a whim and it’s been a closet staple ever since. The tortoiseshell buttons really make it unique. Oh, and the jeans are the same as well. Whoops. I can’t find a similar style of the shirt but this one is really nice!

So moral of the story? I’m all for trying out something that can make me more aware of what I already own instead of making me wish I owned more and more and more. I loved the 10x10 for the work week and think the idea of a work wardrobe that switches out every week is kind of a fun idea! But I draw the line at the weekends and for special events. That’s what I love about the 10x10 that Caroline and Lee started though, you make it what you want and it’s all about learning about your style along the way.

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe?