Same but Different Vol. I

Today we are so excited to start a new series! This series is all about finding thrifted treasures that are similar to items we want from some of our favorite stores. It probably won’t be a consistent series since it all rides on whether or not we find amazing items at the thrift store but I love when you have an idea of something you’d like to find and totally luck out. I was so excited to find these sweaters and I hope they inspire you to look for secondhand items before buying new every once in a while. :)



I adore everlane. and $100 cashmere? yes please! i have been wanting one of their cashmere pieces for a little while now but i also don’t need one and i’m trying to be better about sticking to a budget (I need all the moral support) so I went to the thrift store. i ended up finding the comfiest, potentially cashmere sweater in navy and with a mockneck all for the price of $7!!!! (I’m not sure if it’s true cashmere because there is only one tag and all is says is “Designer’s original.” Check it out:


The thrift store equivalent

not too shabby eh?

madewell is my other go-to store. they actually have about a thousand (slight exaggeration) striped sweaters in this fall color palate right now but this is the one i’ve seen all around the internet. madewell rules when it comes to sweaters. i’d been wanting this sweater for a while but again, couldn’t justify buying it so i went looking a the same thrift store as the sweater above.


The cardigan twin

This sweater has that same fall color palate, it’s loose and comfy, and looks way more expensive than the $7 I spent.

if you’ve found some thrifted treasures and want to share, we would love to FEATURE you!