The Thrifting Manifesto

I learned everything I know about thrifting from my friend, Monica (remember her from this post?). Back in college we would go to the same thrift shop whenever we had a free moment just to see what was there. Sometimes we found amazing items and other times we walked away empty handed but it was more about the fun experience and the thrill of unique finds more than anything else. When she first took me thrifting she laid out some ground rules that I still use to this day and have helped me view shopping at a thrift shop as more of an adventure than an overwhelming bargain hunt. So here is the thrifting manifesto as taught by Monica (with some added dramatic language of my own):

  1. thou shalL not rush

    This is an important one. Never try to go thrifting when you are on a time crunch. This cuts the experience short and often makes you more overwhelmed than anything else.

2. thou shall look through every size

This was an interesting concept to me when I first started out. I’m a fairly petite person so why would I look in the larges? But truth be told, I’ve found some of my favorite sweaters in unsuspecting sizes as well as dresses and shirts. Because these clothes are second hand they have often been washed many times and therefore sizing is always a bit off. Don’t let the “wrong size'“ deter you from a great find!

3. thou shall try on a wide variety of items

If you think something looks intriguing or like a possibility, just try it on! There have been so many times I’ve been on the fence about something and then I try it on and I love it! (The opposite is also true but regardless, you should try it on!) What do you have to lose?

4. thou shall go in with an idea in mind

The best way to fight feeling overwhelmed is to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Have you been wanting a cool denim jacket? Did you want to try the denim skirt trend? Oftentimes you don’t even find the thing you were looking for but it helps to have some goal in mind and to let yourself wander from the goal a bit as well.

5. thou shall go with a friend

Thrifting alone can be nice every once in a while but thrifting with 1-2 friends is really the way to go. Trying on items (especially silly ones) is way more fun and friends can often give you some styling suggestions you would have never thought about. So many times I would try on something and feel “eh” about it but then my friend would give me an idea of how or where to wear it and my mind would change. But be careful of thrifting with too many people or with friends who may not know or love thrifting as much. You might feel rushed then and that takes away from the whole experience.

Use these tips and you will not only have more fun thrifting but you’ll also find some amazing treasures! Stay tuned for more thrifting posts coming up as I’ve got one in the works right now!!
Happy thrifting!