Feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart because it doesn’t ask for much (unless you’re the one hosting dinner…). All it asks is for us to gather around loved ones, either family or friends or both, and spend time in each others presence while enjoying a good meal. It makes us all slow down a little bit before the hustle of December begins.

This year I’m thankful for so many things. I’m thankful for this creative side hustle, for my job, for my friends and loved ones, and for my health. 2018 has definitely been one for the books. Every night I write out 3 things I’m grateful for and 3 things that made the day great (using this journal which I can’t recommend enough) and it has helped me focus on being more thankful continuously instead of only a couple times a year. At Thanksgiving’s growing up, my parents would often have each of us write a couple things down that we were thankful for on our paper place mats before we got our food. And usually we would go around afterwards and share what we each put. I love the idea of continuing that on someday.

I’m so glad we have a holiday that requires us to slow down and be grateful for all that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy your time with family and/or friends! And if you’re in California like I am, let’t thank God for this rain!!!!