November Edit

The November Edit is coming at you earlier this month. I’ve always been a big fan of November. It seems quieter than December, Fall has finally settled in, and there is something cozy about it. Even in school it was my favorite month because it meant there were a few breaks (Veterans and Thanksgiving) before the hectic beginnings of finals. And this year I want to be intentional with how I spend these November days.

I recently returned from a family wedding across the country and the craziness of cross-country travel paired with lots of time with family got me thinking. I want this month to be restful, slightly spontaneous, and full of warm feelings. Those warm feelings can come from more movie nights in, baking something delicious, going on Fall adventures, etc. But above all I really want to be intentional about rest.

Rest is not something I am always good at so I need to actively pursue it. I want to pour more time into my hobbies, spend more time in the Bible, and make plans with friends that I’m looking to invest into. Just like the new year brings a sense of renewal for so many, November does that for me. It’s a time to reflect, be grateful for all that we have, and to step back and reevaluate priorities before the cold and busy days of December begin.

So I want to challenge you. What is something in your life that can be reevaluated in November? And ultimately, I hope whatever changes you decide to make ultimately bring you more rest and warm feelings. Making changes to our priorities is hard but usually so worth it.

We got this! Oh, and hello November. I’m a fan.


p.s. don’t forget to vote today!!! It’s worth it to take the time and voice your opinion!