An Intentional Christmas

I don’t know about you but as much as I love, love, love this time of year, it also pains me to think about how consumeristic the holiday can become and how easy it is to just fall into a routine instead of thinking about the true reason for Christmas and how peaceful it can really be if we just slow down and savor this time. I’ve loved seeing families post about mindful Christmas’ and really thinking about what they spend their money on this year. I love how Anna (from In Honor of Design) and her family have really done a nice job of being more mindful about their finances and intentions this Christmas. So here are some ideas I’ve thought of to think more “green” and love on the Earth a bit as well as ways to gift maybe a little differently than before.

Think Green.png
  1. As much as we all love twinkly lights and festive rooms, try to turn off extra lights when you’re not enjoying them in the room. Your utility bill will thank you. :)

  2. Cut back on buying tubes of new wrapping paper and get creative! I love using Kraft paper and you get 50 ft worth for less than $10!!! It may just be brown paper but you can get creative with how you decorate the packages. I love using some old yarn I have lying around and writing the initials or full name of the person it’s for with a Sharpie in fun and artsy ways. Maybe draw some snowflakes, add some greenery, maybe sparkles, whatever your heart desires!

  3. Instead of buying tags to say who each present it for, either write the name directly on the package (like I said in #2) or use some fun paper and cut out a little tag and tie it on with some yarn or ribbon!

  4. Try to drive less once you’re off work. Maybe stay home and watch Christmas movies or walk to look at lights, or bake some cookies you’ve been eyeing off Pinterest! I personally love sitting around a fire and watching movies or reading a book.

  5. This one is hard for me because I love Christmas cards but this can be an easy way to save some money and cut back on paper use. If you are going to send out Christmas cards, maybe look for ones that use recycled paper!

Think Green (1).png
  1. My love language is time so I’m always game for sharing an experience together versus gifting. This year my boyfriend and I gifted each other Disneyland and it was so fun!! Probably more than we would have spent on regular presents but 100% worth it for all the quality time and fun we had!

  2. Maybe you don’t want to gift a trip to one another but what about a smaller experience? Anna took her girls to The Nutcracker and they got all dressed up for it. I love that idea!

  3. Gift a subscription to their favorite magazine (Magnolia Journal comes to mind!) or give them something like a Pub Pass. I gifted my sister’s fiance a pub pass last year since they live in Denver and there are so many breweries and he loved it! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  4. Go to a happy hour with friends at a cool new spot you’ve been wanting to try!

  5. Gift them a class! Have they always wanted to try calligraphy? What about painting? See what kinds of classes are local and set them up for a fun experience!

  6. Buy a SheReadsTruth Advent book or celebrate Advent however you’d like! I love the idea of slowing down and settling in with why we are really celebrating Christmas.

If anything, I hope these idea inspire you to think outside the box this Christmas season! If you have any other fun ideas to try to go more eco friendly or to gift with a little more intention, we’d love to hear them!!

Merry Christmas friends!