Tried & True (Games)

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To say I love playing games would be a giant understatement. I’m always the first person to suggest a game and I’m always down to learn something new. During the holiday season my love for cozying up at home with a fire going and playing a game with some close friends/family increases tenfold. There’s truly no other place I’d like to be. These are some of the games that I reach for again and again. They never let me down.

  1. Uno Attack: I use this game for speech therapy a lot but it’s also fun for everyone! This is a great idea if you know you’ll be playing with some children. It’s a fun twist on traditional Uno. We played it with my boyfriend’s family at Thanksgiving and everyone loved it.

  2. Five Crowns: This is a new one for me but I’m now hooked and just anxiously waiting till I get to play it again. It’s a lot like Gin Rummy but with some fun twists. I know my parents are bringing it up to Tahoe when we celebrate New Years all together and I can’t wait!!

  3. What Do you Meme?: This was the ultimate hit last Christmas and I’m really hoping we bring it out again this year. I’m a sucker for games like this (like a Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples) and love that you can tailor it to fit whatever kind of group you’re with (you know what I’m saying ;) ).

  4. Bananagrams: This is such a classic cabin game for me that I had to include it. I’m not very good at this game but I love it anyways. I’m always looking for fun 2 person games and this one for sure fits that category.

  5. Life: I was thinking about what my favorite board game would be and while I can think of a lot more that I love, Life is such a classic. I loved playing this game growing up and I love it still. My family has an updated version with credit cards and it adds a fun twist to the game!

  6. Deck of Cards: You really can’t go wrong here. I love Hearts, Gin Rummy, Speed, a good game of Go Fish, you name it! My absolute favorite for a group of people is Hearts though. I carry around a deck of cards in my purse just in case the occasion arises. You never know! I’ve forced my boyfriend and mom to play with me on plane rides too!

what am i missing? what are some of your tried & true games that your family loves?