Group Think: Christmas Traditions

before we sign off for a few days for christmas, i wanted to share some ways that friends of mine celebrate the holiday. i love hearing about traditions that families participate in and it always gives me a little inspiration for myself. please share your holiday traditions below as well!!

Allie: A couple years back my sisters and I realized our family didn’t have that many traditions centered around Christmas so we decided to change that, especially for Christmas Eve. We already loved the movie The Family Stone and thought the idea of saving a movie for one time a year sounded nice so we designated that our Christmas Eve movie. Even our dad gets excited to watch it! We usually go to Christmas mass in the late afternoon, come home and either eat take out or something that my mom had set up in the Crock Pot, and open one present each. After we open our one present we settle in in our cozies with some hot cocoa or eggnog and watch The Family Stone. It’s my absolute favorite day of the year.

Andrea (my amazing coworker!): I always look forward to waking up to the smell of fresh cookies and Colombian coffee every Christmas morning. (fun fact she’s from Colombia!) That’s our breakfast every Christmas. We also all spend the night at my parents house the night before so it’s a giant sleepover! That would be my favorite tradition.

Lauren (a dear friend and she just got her masters!!): My favorite tradition is to gather the whole family, get some hot chocolate together and look at Christmas lights. :)

Ashley (monthly contributor!): One of my favorite traditions during the holidays is walking around Balboa Island to see all the Christmas lights. On Christmas Eve, my family always has dinner and we open one gift. This was a tradition my mom’s family did when she was growing up too. For many years my mom and I have also volunteered to serve breakfast to the homeless with an organization called Operation Warm Wishes here in Orange County. My dad always made breakfast on Christmas morning when we would return from volunteering. This year will be very different though because I’ll be spending Christmas with my fiance’s family in Santa Barbara!

merry christmas friends!

what are your holiday traditions?

*photo from buzzfeed