New Years Intentions


I used to run a different, more personal little blog for almost 7 years and I had a bucket list available for everyone to see and/or for me to remember. I added pretty lofty items on there (e.g. Get my masters degree) with the hopes that it would eventually happen and it’s so fun to now get to cross off some of those items. Here’s what I had on my old site:

  • Get my Master's degree

  • Travel around the south

  • Live in Europe for some time

  • Learn to be a better cook

  • Visit Yellowstone

  • Mission trip to Africa or wherever I'm called

  • Earn my degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences

  • Live in a "big" city

  • Buy/rent a home with character (aka old)

  • New Orleans for Mardi Gras

  • Help a complete stranger

  • Go back to Orvieto 

  • Travel to London

  • Study Abroad

  • Visit Niagara Falls

  • Camp at Crater Lake 

  • See Mumford & Sons in concert

  • Sky dive

  • Road trip up the California coast

  • Get into graduate school

  • Go to a major music festival

  • Go to a film festival

  • Obtain my C's for Speech-Language Pathology

  • Visit Alaska

  • Visit Canada

  • Drive cross country/go on a long road trip (and not get sick)

  • Listen to someone's life story

  • Visit Charleston

  • Ice skate in Rockefeller Center

  • Travel to Australia

  • Visit the Grand Canyon

  • Travel to Northern Europe

  • Travel to Ireland

*bolded= completed

Looking at all the things I’ve accomplished since I made that list back in 2010 is so fun. And I love that I have even more to complete. But for the new year I wanted to scale back a bit and think more intentionally about what I would like for 2019. I’m going to choose 12 items (one for every month in the new year) that I would like to have completed by the beginning of 2020. Not only will this keep me accountable but I hope it inspires you to do something similar! I may be a sucker for new beginnings and the fresh start of a new year but I do think there’s something to be said about really trying for those things you’ve been meaning to set out to do in the start of a new year.

for 2019 i will…

  1. establish a sabbath day

  2. visit one new state/country

  3. plan 3 trips around friends

  4. participate in a one month shopping freeze

  5. eat clean for one month

  6. exercise 3 times a week

  7. practice photography

  8. go on a road trip

  9. tithe every month

  10. grow this website

  11. cook one new recipe a week

  12. Eat lunch out only 1x per week

I’ll try to do updates on here as the year goes on but I want to know what your 2019 intentions are!! Do you do new years resolutions? Why or why not?