Welcome Friends!


Hi! I’ve started this welcome letter a thousand different ways but it all boils down to one concept. As a modern woman, it often feels like we have this invisible pressure on us to not act too much one way or another. Don’t’ act too “girly” or “manly” (outdated concepts in my opinion), don’t be too sensitive, don’t be too assertive, and lordy don’t speak your mind too much. But here’s what I feel. I’m a woman. I like pretty things, I’m a feminist, and I find being a woman in this modern world a bit confusing and a whole lot of wonderful. Let’s drop the “don’t” and live in a world of “do’s!” Do dream big dreams! Do fight the fight! Do tell that person how you feel! And do lift each other up! I hope this space always feels more like a “do” versus a “don’t.” We get enough of that already.

I want women to come here when they are looking for a clean skincare product, when they want to hear another woman’s story of redemption and also stories of success, to step away from consumerism and focus more on what we already have, when they want to be inspired, when they want to learn something new, and ultimately when they want to read something positive and to the point. There will be no long essays, no “you’ve been doing this all wrong and let me tell you why!,” and no bashing of other people’s own opinions. We want to promote real discussions and advice forums for people going through similar circumstances, for women figuring out careers and where they want to live, to discussing faith and finances and food, and most of all, a place to love on one another.

I had the dream to start this website because I feel there is a need for a website dedicated to women that are not quite having kids yet and not quite in college anymore. I want to showcase the amazing women in my life and meet other women in the same boat that we are in. There’s plenty of room! I don’t live in NY, I don’t work in business or even anything remotely close to it, but I am someone who wants to learn more about my surroundings, about life, and about other women. We are all qualified in our own way and I believe we all have opinions worth listening to. So pull up a chair, won’t ya? Maybe pour some coffee or tea and join in on our discussion!