Ashley's Picks: July

Letter from editor: Every month Ashley will be highlighting some of her favorite things. Ashley is one of those friends you trust implicitly with a wide variety of topics. Need a good skincare tip? The best coffee shop in the area? How to stay fit and active while also enjoying the good things in life? She can help. That's why I wanted her to be one of our main contributors. The woman's got good taste and I think more people could benefit from it! You'll also see her pop up in other topic areas but you can always guarantee you'll see her top picks each month.

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For your skin

PCA Skin love

Confession… I’ve struggled with adult acne for the last 5+ years. It’s frustrating! I just turned 29 last month and I am OVER IT. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products, treatments and nothing really fully “cures” my problem skin. It probably bothers me more than it should but I just can’t help it. I totally support the use of natural, chemical free, paraben free, cruelty free products, but for my problem skin, it just hasn’t done the trick. SO, I wanted to share what I am loving… PCA Skincare. My esthetician recommended I try some of their products that she uses on me and it has been the best thing for my skin. Here are a few of my everyday products I love and some tips!

clearskin- I use this on half a cotton square or gauze day and night
nutrient toner- I wear this day & night after cleansing. I mix it with the apres hydrating balm at night for extra moisture.
pigment gel- I just use this at night after toning and before the moisturizer combo.
aprés peel hydrating balm- this provides an unreal amount of moisture


Be Well

Take some time for yourself in the morning

Morning Routine… Mornings. Are. Hard. As an education based SLP, my mornings start early. My alarm goes off between 5:00- 5:15 am. Some days it just isn’t possible, let’s be real, but starting my day off with a more mindful calm morning helps my type A self stay more organized and positive.

I really don’t need an hour and 15-30 minutes to get up and out the door most days, but having plenty of time is my jam. Being rushed is never fun and not worth the extra 15 minutes of sleep. I like to sip of warm lemon water and sit on the couch for 5-15 minutes before I leave for work. (I save my coffee for when I get to work). Squeeze half a lemon in a large mug of warm water and enjoy. It’s easy, safe, and I will do almost anything to help my skin! I have been drinking it for several years now after reading about the health benefits. It aids digestion, can improve your skin, detoxify your liver, speed up your metabolism and reduce inflammation.

Lastly, I am all about wellness, but I have never loved having a journal. I have had really good success with “The 5 Minute Journal” though and totally recommend it.

I also recommend “Meditations from the Mat”. Each day has a quote and a blurb. It helps me start my day on a positive note and not stress out over the small stuff.


Coffee break

or two...or three

This month I am loving Common Room Roasters in Costa Mesa, CA. It's conventiently located not even a mile away from my new home, it has the nicest baristas and a pretty cool vibe. I love going on the weekday or weekend, getting my cappuccino and enjoying a quiet moment to myself or meet a friend or cousin there for a visit. I am a self proclaimed coffee snob but I am also a sucker for aesthetics and vibes. I have to say that Common Room Roasters not only kills it with their beans but also with their unique shop design. If anyone is in  the area you should definitely stop by! If you see me in there, don't forget to say hi!

For the home

we're just figuring it out as we go

My fiancé  and I bought our first home back in November 2017. We are having so much fun with the projects and making it into a home but decorating on a strict budget has been hard. Ikea is my best friend!

I will be sharing some of our projects along the way and pieces we have added to our home that we love. Right now, my favorite thing to stare at in our living room is our new brass wall hanging. It is handmade by a Sacramento-based metal artist, Sarah Perez. (Editor note: GO SACRAMENTO!) I love the way the brass looks against a bright white wall. Also, go check out Sarah's website and Instagram and fall in love with all her work!