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Group Think Posts will be an ongoing series that are going to be round table discussions on all kinds of topics! it could be anything ranging from skincare, style, favorite vacation, or bucket list items! join the conversation!

We all have that one product that we want to shout from the rooftop. Whether it's a skin care product or a vacuum, I absolutely love learning about one or two products or things that a person can't live without (and they're being sincere!). One of my favorite websites, Cup of Jo, does a Beauty Uniform series that I devour every time they post one. They always include one tried and true product and I immediately search for it after I'm done reading.

The friends sharing their pick today are some of my go-to people for finding items I know I'll love. When I think of women sharing their tips and tricks, it makes me feel like we are all living in a little community together instead of spread out across the world.

So let's dive in...

Ok friends, what is one product, any kind of product, that you can't live without??

Allie: I used to make fun of my sister for using one of these and then one day I started using it and have never looked back. Just goes to show that you shouldn't knock it before ya try it! So my absolutely-can't-live-without-it item is a silk eye mask. And I know this sounds a little extra but it has to be silk. First of all, it's better for your skin and for preventing wrinkles and second, it is so darn soft! I've tried cotton and it was not nearly as comfortable. I attempted using one in graduate school because I was having a hard time sleeping and now I can't sleep without one. It has helped my brain shut down at the end of the day. Once I slip the mask over my eyes my brain knows it's time for bed! The one I linked above is from Amazon and it's lightweight, the perfect size and covers a large surface area so there's no light peeking in. What about you Ashley? What's your favorite item?
Ashley E.: Mine is this magical bronzing spray. If living in New York has taught me one thing, it's fake it 'til you make it-maintaining a tan included. I sit in an office all day and stare at the sun from a 9th floor window, making my time for Vitamin D little to none, unless my 20 minutes to go grab lunch or a coffee counts. When my coworker showed up to the office one morning and looked like the bronzed god that I now know him to be, I asked what his secret was since we are equally sun deprived. He sent me a link to the L'Oreal Paris Sublime Self-Tanning Mist and I was in. It's crazy easy to apply, dries clear enough that I have yet to find color on my clothes or sheets, and smells surprisingly good. $10 self tanner or a weekend in the Hampton's? I mean Hampton's would be nice but for budget conscious folks like myself, I'll take the $10 self tanner.
Allie: It's like you read my mind! I have seriously been looking for a good self tanner for a while now. Jergen's just doesn't cut it for me. I'm tired of being streaky! (Yes, most of that is due to laziness...) Definitely giving this a try. Ally, whatcha got?
Ally R.: Well this is going to sound ridiculous but I'm really loving these metal skewers for the grill! Since we've hit the season where I want all of my food to be cooked over an open fire instead of inside my very un-airconditioned kitchen, we're in a big meat and veggie phase. Wooden skewers are annoying because you have to soak them for an hour in advance, and yet they still tend to burn (not to mention the wood separating and making the actual skewering of raw meat rather frustrating). These metal skewers are awesome because they are sharp enough to easily poke through the food, they don't catch on fire, and the finished product slides right off. Did I mention they can also run through the dishwasher like a champ? Winner, winner, skewer dinner.
Allie: Ally with the catch phrases over here! Hearing you talk about these makes me actually want to attempt barbecuing this summer. So Steph, finish us off! What's your pick?
Steph: Ok right now my can't-live-without-it product is Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I use this every morning when I first wake up, after applying my makeup, and throughout the day to refresh my skin! It's the perfect pick-me-up and one quick spray always leaves me feeling rejuvenated and re-energized. It gives your skin the coveted dewy look and smells amazing! My current favorite is the Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea because it's so fresh and perfect for summer, but I love using Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender as part of my nightly skincare routine. I was out with friends recently and my friend pulled the travel size out of her purse to give her skin a quick boost. It's perfect for on the go, travel, and is a stable on my vanity. I seriously tell everyone about this spray!
Allie: When I worked at Anthropologie I would always spritz this on at work for a quick pick-me-up! So good! I can backup this recommendation 100%.

We want you to join in on the discussion!

What's your favorite product/item that you would recommend to anyone and everyone?

About the group:

Ally R: Mod Broad's resident nutritionist (and real life nutritionist). Lives in Portland, Oregon.

Steph: Fantastic teacher to kiddos. Lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ashley E.: barre 3 instructor and talent agent assistant/arts administrator. Lives in New York City, NY.

Allie H: creator of mod broad and speech language pathologist. Lives in Sacramento, CA.

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