Making the Most of Summer!

My Top 10 Favorite Summer Activities

1. Spend a whole weekend at a lake (my favorites are Lake Tahoe and Lake Tulloch)

2. See a drive-in movie! If there's not one by you, there are often films in the park.

3. Boat days! Water ski, go tubing, or just stay on the boat! My family loves to go out in the late afternoon and bring food for a boat picnic.

4. Go on a early morning hike, preferably with some water nearby. I love a good hike with a waterfall or a river that you can see/hear as you hike.

5. Go miniature golfing at night! Oftentimes these places have night golfing!

6. Have a summer bbq! Bring out the corn hole, can jam, and croquet. It doesn't have to get competitive but, come on, someone has to win ;)

7. Is there a river by you? One of my favorite activities is to get a big raft, a bunch of people, and a cooler and travel down a river for several hours. Don't forget the music!

8. Visit the farmers market! Better yet, bike to the farmers market. Support local farms and buy your produce for the week then throw it in your bike basket.

9. Have a bonfire. You don't need a beach (though if you have one close definitely use it!) you just need some wood, maybe a permit, some marshmellows, friends, and some sticks and you've got yourself a good time.

10. Buy a disposable camera and document the whole summer on 1 camera. Take a snapshot for certain days/events and make it last the whole summer. Once you get it developed you'll forget what  you took a picture of and it will be fun to reminisce.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have fun!

What's your favorite summer activity?

Have you ever done the disposable camera trick from tip #10?