Is it ok to have a side hustle completely different from your career?

By Allie, Speech therapist and creator of this site

Short answer? YES!

Since I was 15 years old I knew I wanted to become a speech therapist. I plotted out my life and what it would take to get here and now, 10 years later, I am a fully certified Speech Language Pathologist. I love science, I love helping others and ultimately I love giving people a voice. But it's not my identity and it's not the only thing that lights a fire under me and gets me up in the morning. I've also loved fashion and design, vintage clothing and furniture, photography, traveling, and blogging. For so long I would discount my other passions as minor obsessions and try to mostly focus on speech. But recently I realized something...

there's nothing wrong with having multiple passions in life...

Who said I can't be a speech therapist and also create a website for women? Just because I wanted to create this website didn't mean that I no longer wanted to practice speech. But it sometimes felt that way! Sometimes it felt that if I didn't solely focus on speech and becoming a better speech path every day than I didn't love it and/or would never become great. I'd like to debunk this theory that I had swimming around in my head and say we were not made to only love one thing. We are all beautiful multi-passionate people. I want to encourage others to follow their ideas and passions even if it doesn't "fit" with their reality. Did it make sense for me to create this website? No sir. But do I love it? YES! And what we love we make time for.


I want to encourage others to follow their ideas and passions even if it doesn't "fit" with their reality

Ultimately I realize that we are only human and can only put our heart and soul into so many things...BUT I think we get to choose the small handful of priorities and can figure out the rest as we go. I want to be someone that isn't just all in on ONE thing but is all in on SEVERAL things! I can enjoy science AND creativity and not necessarily have one suffer while the other thrives. Is it easy? Not always. It is tiring? Sometimes. But if you love it and it fills you up inside, then I say go for it and figure the rest out as you go!

What inspires you? What would your dream side hustle be? 

Or a better question would be, what IS your side hustle?