Let's Talk: How do you exercise?

I've always had a love/hate relationship with exercise. I want to love it because I love feeling strong and capable. When asked once by a trainer why I want to work out and/or what my work out goals were I told him, "I want to be able to climb a decent sized mountain whenever I want without feeling like I'm about to die." I don't know if he had heard that one before judging by the look on his face. Basically I want to maintain a certain level of fitness to where I can decide to do a decent hike at a moment's notice but also don't live at my gym.

With summer almost over and the ability to exercise outside getting harder and harder to do, I feel like exercise is on my mind more than usual and I'm always curious what other people do for exercise. I'm constantly searching for some way to switch up my routine that is cheap (but let's be honest, I want it to be free) and fun. I loved belonging to CorePower Yoga back in grad school but it's too pricey right now and I can't make a lot of the classes. I usually can't do any form of exercise that has classes because of my commute and busy evening schedule. I like running but my knees don't. I like HIIT but I don't always motivate myself to do it alone. 

Right now I'm surviving on some combination of yoga, running, functional exercise (hiking, wake boarding, etc.), walking, and some at-home videos for circuit training/cardio and yoga mixes. I did BBG for 4 weeks but now I just can’t seem to find the time to stay on it. But I want to know what YOU do! What gets you excited to work out?

Alicia: "My favorite way to exercise is to go running. It allows me to pray, process, and listen to podcasts. AND you can do it anywhere!" (Alicia is a newlywed (!!) and lives in Portland, OR)

Ally R: Hands down running is my favorite form of exercise. You don't need any form of special equipment and you can do it anywhere. You can do it alone or with friends. You can do it in silence, with conversation flowing, or with music and/or podcasts (Gilmore Guys and The West Wing Weekly have powered me through marathon training this year)! (Ally is our resident nutritionist and lives in Portland, OR).

Emily: I just like being outdoors! Skiing, biking, and hiking! Especially with friends! (Emily works in finance and lives in Denver, CO!)

Your turn!!

What's your favorite way to exercise? Tell us in the comments.