Easy Breezy Summer Cocktails

Even though school is starting back up we still have a month left of summer to celebrate! What better way to celebrate than with some delicious and easy summer cocktails. Bridget's family created an amazing tonic for cocktails and she is my go-to for creating a simple and perfect cocktail. i asked her to share some of her favorite recipes and she didn't disappoint!

Ahh cocktail hour…the best time of the day! If you’re like me and always looking to up your cocktail game, look no further than &TONIC.  It’s the perfect addition to any bar cart! (***Full disclosure, my dad makes this tonic syrup but it’s seriously the best one around…and I’ve had my fair share of cocktail syrups!)

Seriously though, there’s nothing like adding fresh, small batch ingredients to your craft cocktails. Not only do they make your drink taste fantastic, but you’re also supporting small businesses in the process! A real win-win if you ask me. The recipes that I’m sharing today all include &TONIC as an ingredient, but you can easily switch it out for other tonic syrups. You just may need to tweak the
proportions. For the spirits, I suggest going with a bottle from your local distillery!

Blood Orange GT.jpg

Blood Orange G&T

1.5 oz gin
2 oz blood orange juice
0.5 oz &Tonic
Top with club soda

Apricot Delight.jpg

Apricot delight

Fresh apricot, pureed⠀
Mint leaves to taste⠀
0.5 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice⠀
1.5 oz gin

Basil Mojito.jpg

Basil & Grapefruit mojito

2-3 juiced ruby red grapefruits⠀
1 teaspoon sugar⠀
.5 oz &Tonic⠀
4 ounces rum⠀
Basil leaves to taste + more for garnish⠀
Soda water

Honey Lavender.jpg

Honey lavender cocktail

2 oz. Cognac
1 1/2 oz. lemon juice
3/4 oz. &Tonic
3/4 oz. lavender honey
Lavender to garnish

So good right? Which one are you gonna make?

**Bridget lives in seattle, Washington. she's a speech pathologist but also helps with her family's &tonic business! she's a quintessential mod broad.