Group Think: Last Meal on Earth

We're back for another group think post and this time it's all about one of our favorite topics around here...FOOD! I think the idea of one last meal is interesting because all it really means is what is your absolute favorite meal you've ever had. And I'm talkin' drinks, main course, side dishes, and desserts! Don't skimp out on me!

I asked some of my friends that have a special affinity for a fine meal what they would pick and we would love for you to tell us yours! Tell us in the comments!

Allie: Ok friends, what would be your choice if you had to choose a last meal on Earth? Give me all the details and maybe describe why if there is a special reason.
Alicia: Ok I've given this a lot of thought. Here's my meal broken down into each category. Appetizer: ALL THE CHEESE with bread and olives and ALL THE RED WINE (from here on through the rest of the meal assume I'm imbibing copious amounts of red wine). Salad: pear & goat cheese salad with crushed pecans with a balsamic and honey drizzle dressing (starting things off a little sweet). Main course: homemade lasagna with homemade sauce & grilled broccolini (hands down my favorite vegetable) with more bread (can you tell by now I have a bread problem?). Dessert: cappuccinos with classic homemade cheesecake. Late night snack: (assuming I'm not dead by this point) homemade pizza with a red sauce and homemade pizza dough (with amazing olive oil drizzle and garlic on the crust). Toppings would be spicy sausage, mushrooms, spinach, red onion, and a vinegar drizzle.
Allie: Sooooo... who here thinks we need Alicia to do a recipe post for that salad and for sure that late night pizza snack?? (all raise their hands). Amanda, what's yours?
Amanda: When I think of the possibilities of my last meal, I cannot help but dream of Swedish cuisine. I was born in Sweden and have spent multiple summers in the forest of my Grandparents' summer place picking berries and eating baked goods. For the first course, I would enjoy some blood pudding, which despite is name is not actually pudding. This is a Swedish dish that, yes, contains blood, but bear with me. Imagine the consistently of a pancake and the color of a steak. Not helping I'm sure. This meal can be eaten at any time of day and truly is an acquired taste, even for Swedes. The blood pudding is sliced and paned fried, then covered in lingonberry jam and enjoyed warm. The next item I'd have is FIKA. This is not a food but a Swedish tradition. Translated to English it is a coffee break but it is considered way more than that to the Swedes. This is the practice of taking a break in your day from work to enjoy coffee or a pasty and ot engage with those around you. We would begin with a warm cup of coffee with a splash of fresh half and half. This would be drunk in a cozy chair with a view, a rainy forest or a lake at sunset are preferable. People would gather around freshly baked cinnamon rolls with rock sugar on top and discuss their day. Lastly, we would pile high freshly picked fruit like blueberries and wild strawberries (smaller and sweeter) and drown them in fresh milk. The perfect dessert.
Allie: Holy yum!! This was a fun little cultural lesson too! How're you gonna top that one Crystal? :)
Crystal: Can my backstory be that I'm an Enneagram 6 who needs to know why it's my last meal on Earth, and how I would proceed to think myself to my own death before even eating said meal that I can't decide on because it's the biggest decision of my life? Jk I'll participate. That sounds like a post for another time LOL. I would choose Chinese food and wine in a cozy living room with all my closest pals, laughing and enjoying the company before I drop dead.
Allie: Oh Lordy so dramatic! What kind of Chinese food and what kind of wine?
Crystal: Chicken Lo mein and/or chicken chow mein. Fried rice. Orange chicken, sweet and sour pork and some walnut shrimp. For wine it can me a mix of red blends with Chardonnay. All about the comfort food! I also think because my family has a tradition of Chinese food takeout for Christmas this resonated. And when I'm tired/stressed I feel seen with the simple pleasures of Chinese food and wine.
Allie: Aw that had a sweet finish. :) Jenae, what about you?
Jenae: This was challenging for me! I've tried such a wide variety of foods from all over the world and constantly have my "favorite" food changing weekly. I first thought my last meal should be something exquisite and unique, however the more I thought about it the more I kept reverting back to the emotions and memories associated with some of the best meals I've ever had. I'd say my last meal would be my grandmother's Belizean Rice and Beans with Escabeche chicken and warm corn tortillas with a side of her homemade potato salad. This meal was always one of my favorites growing up. She passed away 2 years ago and I've come to realize how much I've missed her cooking. As I got older she would bring me into the kitchen and teach me how to make very part of the meal from scratch so that I could one day make it for my future husband and children. I've tried and tried to replicate it but it never seems to taste just right, it;s as if something is missing and I think the special ingredient missing is her...the love and hours she put into making a single meal for us was something I never appreciated as a child but i would trade so many thing in this world to taste her cooking once more. 
Allie: Jenae that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing my friend!

Get to know our friends:

Alicia: newlywed and medical student living in Portland, OR.

Amanda: graduate student studying social work in Denver, CO.

Crystal: therapeutic behavioral services coach in Orange County, CA.

Jenae: works with Allie and is a fellow speech therapist in Sacramento, CA.

So now we turn it back to you! What would your last meal be?

*photo from Apartment 34