Talk Podcasts to Me

I drive almost 2 hours every day going to and from work so I listen to a lot of podcasts! I constantly get asked for some of my favorite podcasts to listen to so I thought I would compile a big ole list right here to send people to. Enjoy and let me know what I missed in the comments!


  • Bridgetown Church Podcast (I used to go to this church in Portland, OR and I learned so much about what it is to be a disciple of Jesus. John Mark Comer and staff hit it out of the park with their messages). Listen to "How to Become the Happiest Person Alive"
  • That Sounds Fun- hosted by Annie F. Downs. She teaches me so much each week about being a Christian in today's world. She's also extremely funny and down to earth. Love her! Listen to the episode with Ally Fallon.  So. Good.
  • For the Love- hosted by Jen Hatmaker. Jen is a progressive Christian who has great guests on her show and breaks everything into categories. This summer all the episodes were summer related and in the spring it was about "For the Love of Exploring our Faith." Listen to the episode with Bob Goff. 


Anyone that has spent much time with me knows I love talking the Ennegram. I think it's an incredibly useful tool to better understand each other and ourselves. 

  • Typology- hosted by Ian Cron. He does panel discussions that are killer!
  • No Chill Enneagram- these guys are hilarious and this show just recently started. Good for a lighter take on the Enneagram.
  • The Enneagram Journey- hosted by Suzanne Stabile. Not only will you learn a lot about yourself and those around you, but listening to Suzanne is like being spoken to by a wise Southern woman and you instantly feel at ease. 
  • The Debrief- hosted by Sandals church. They break down each type and have a panel discussing each number. Super helpful if you haven't dived in too deep quite yet.

life, etc.

  • Revisionist History- hosted by Malcolm Gladwell. This guy is great. He takes a certain subject and investigates it each week. You just have to give it a shot.
  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations- enough said. Listen to Brene Brown's two parter episodes!
  • Ear Hustle- a podcast made inside of San Quentin state prison. Guys this is so good. Listen to Cellies. 
  • Desert Island Discs- my absolute favorite. There are too many good episodes to narrow it down to a few of my favorites. They are short form interviews and each person interviewed has to bring in 8 discs they would take on a desert island. 
  • Goal Digger Podcast- hosted by Jenna Kutcher. This woman is unreal. She does it all! This podcast is great for anyone looking to start a business or side hustle or just wants to be inspired by others!
  • Sounds Good with Branden Harvey- this podcast is all about being positive and interviewing interesting and inspiring people. Basically it's right up my alley. Listen to Ashley LeMieux's episode!
  • Goop Podcast- I'm not a huge fan of Goop but I do love a few episodes on their podcast. This interview with Dr. Mark Hyman was SO interesting. Definitely listen to it!
  • How I Built This- my absolute favorite! Listen to Warby Parker, Patagonia, and Southwest Airlines to get started!
  • Bad on Paper- I've been a reader of The Stripe for years now and love Grace and Becca's easy and hilarious banter. Whenever I want to listen to something light and funny I'll put this podcast on. I also love that they read YA novels and don't make me feel bad for loving them as well!! 

true crime

How could I make a post about podcasts without including true crime podcasts?? 

  • S-Town- this show got my hooked. I used to sit in my car just a little longer than necessary just so I could finish an episode. You just have to start it and keep going till the end!
  • Atlanta Monster- so interesting and so sad! I can't believe I hadn't heard about this. 
  • My Favorite Murder- these ladies are hilarious. Sometimes it feels wrong to listen to a comedy podcast about murdering but somehow they make it seem ok?
  • Up and Vanished- this was good but really long! Just a warning!
  • Lore- not really true crime but it's spooky enough to be put in this category. 

What did I miss?? I'm always looking for new podcasts.

*photo by: jenkay