August Edit


Hi there!

I'm Allie, the main editor around these parts. Each month I will drop in and share what went on this month, what we look forward to in the month to come, plus a little personal note to all of you. This website launched about a month and a half ago and I am so excited about all the posts to come, all the posts that have gone live, and where I see the future of this site going. I've got big dreams for this baby!

I so hope this site has been a source of inspiration for at least one person out there. I know I'm having a blast creating content and dreaming up big ideas. If you've been enjoying our content please join in on the conversation! Basically I just want us all to be friends.

August was all about sisters, my love of peaches, some talk of faith, we took a quick trip to Italy with Ashley, learned more about food and health from Ally, and I shared my favorite podcasts, . Needless to say, we covered a lot of ground. And we've still got places to go.

Join us won't you?

Now here's some posts I've loved from around the web:

  1.  I absolutely loved this post by Erin about ethical fashion. She is honest and yet practical with how to approach making the switch to slow fashion. I recently made a vow to myself to only purchase items for me and for others that promote slow fashion. And right now that means I don't get to buy aaaaanything for quite some time. 
  2. I loved this reminder from Jess that Instagram is not reality. I am someone who definitely can play the comparison game every once in a while and reading posts like this always reminds me of the reality behind the app. 
  3. Grilled. Cheese. Croutons. Stop right there and admire this salad from A Cup of Jo! 
  4. I've currently not allowing myself to buy anything (see above) but if I waaaas, then this Everlane dress would be what I would choose. Sawooooon!
  5. I know everyone and their sister is talking about Beyonce's September issue but it's worth all the hype. She is raw and radiant in her words and in the photos. And a young Black photographer shot the cover for the first time in Vogue history!! 
  6. I can't stop listening to Phil Wickham's new album, Living Hope. Guys. It's SO good.

So long August! Here's to (hopefully) cooler temps in September!