When the coffee spills

I am a routine based person.

On the days I have to be at work at 8am (Tue, Wed, Fri) I leave the house at 6:30 to beat traffic and give myself time to eat my breakfast in the office at 7:30. This means I bring a mug of coffee to sip on in the drive and a thermos to then enjoy in the office. I've been doing this for almost a year now.

The other day I threw my coffee thermos in my Madewell transport tote and left for work. I tossed my bag onto the passenger seat and thought nothing of it. Meanwhile coffee continued to leak slowly into my bag the entire 55 minute drive and long into the morning. It wasn't until the parent of a client noticed the stain on my bag and warned me to take care of it did I notice anything wrong. But the damage was already set.

I am not someone who can let things like this happen and then remain calm while I figure out a solution. Someone else's bag? Sure. I've got you. But my own? God forbid.

But I learned something in this whole process (because what is spilling coffee all over a leather bag good for if not a solid metaphor?)

We spill coffee everyday. We make messes. We fail. And yet God wipes us clean each morning and says, "Get up love, we've got more work to do and yesterday is but a thing of the past. I love you despite it." You see, I woke up the following morning to no stain and barely any noticeable sign that the mess of the day before even occurred. 

When I saw the coffee stain all over the bottom of my bag I googled ways to clean it. Everyone said you needed to act fast and possibly take it to a professional. But in the morning I didn't have one stain left despite doing the bare minimum of what Google said to do. When we fall short we don't wake up with the marks of the day before because God already made us clean. Sure we might have physical reminders like superficial scrapes sometimes but the pain associated is wiped clean with God's overwhelming love if we allow it. 

I don't think anything is an accident. I saw this as a wake up call. This was God nudging me to say, you are beautiful and perfect as you are. I wipe you clean and pour my grace over you every minute, every hour, and every single morning when you wake. What a freeing life that is.

There are no true accidents in this life if you see them as little nudges pointing us home to something good each and every time.

So here's to spilled coffee and mornings full of grace.

*photo from Treasures & Travels