What’s your hobby?


I’ve always been someone who wanted a hobby. Whether that was a sport or some arts and crafts activity. I’ve tried many hobbies over the years. I’ve tried knitting, starting a business selling friendship bracelets as a kid (yes, the kind made from two strings), photography, blogging for 7+ years, yoga, drawing, writing lyrics (true and no, no one is allowed to read them…), calligraphy, you name it. I love the process of creating something with my hands, especially if I can do it while watching TV. So lately I’ve craved something new.

My sister and cousin recently finished paint-by-numbers and I was immediately intrigued. This seemed like something I could dabble in! It doesn’t require much skill in the form of painting and there is no rush to finish it! It’s the perfect project! So I ordered this one off of Amazon and have been chipping away at it for almost a month now.

What I love about paint-by-numbers is how much patience it requires. It asks that you step away from looking too far into the future and focus instead on the tiny details of the moment you’re in. It can easily be a daunting task to see all of the little numbers and the image it will eventually become. But all I need to do is show up, pick up the paintbrush, and begin. Start with one number and work my way up.

Now if only I could learn to do that more easily in my day-to-day with other tasks. :)


What about you? Do you have a hobby right now?

*photo from tono & co’s instagram