October Edit

How is September already over?? I love that September continues through the weekend and the 1st of October begins on a Monday. There’s something so clean about that. Start of a new week and a new month! I’ll take it!

I know everyone and their sister has been talking about Fall and cooler weather so I don’t want to gab on about it too long but there is something to be said for a new season. I think we are all hard wired to love new seasons. Sometimes it’s because the one we are leaving was difficult or maybe it’s because you know something great is on the horizon. I love new seasons because it feels like a fresh start, even if that’s just a facade. Sometimes it’s the kick in the pants we need to get re-motivated and/or re-inspired. I know I plan on finding a more consistent work out routine (classic…don’t we all say that) and I made a promise to myself to really dig my heels into whatever I’ve committed myself to (in general! For all the things!). There will be time to reevaluate after the digging but first I need to give my commitments a real effort. I’ve already started really working hard at pouring into my commitments so we’ll see how the work out schedule goes! Fingers crossed!

Here were some of my favorite posts from the month as well as some from across the web:

  • We explored Seattle and got recommendations from a local!

  • Ashley shared what it is like to have a sibling with special needs. This one was so sweet.

  • I’m a devoted fan of Everlane and now they’ve brought out $100 cashmere! Yes please!! I want this one.

  • I’m always searching for new art and I stumbled upon the artist, Blanca Gomez, and love the colors in this print!

  • Have you heard of Charity: Water? It’s an amazing organization and it’s founder, Scott Harrison, just wrote a book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Speaking of books, I just ordered this one and not only is it beautiful, I’m excited to dive more into the Word.

That’s all for now! We’ve got some great posts lined up for October and I can’t wait to get cozy and continue providing fun and interesting content. Thanks for reading and sticking with us friend!