These are a few of my favorite things...

  1. THIS! Just this. Your welcome.

  2. This interview with John and Emily. (I say their names like we are friends because I’ve heard you can speak things you wish for into existence by saying them out loud…)

  3. Two podcasts I’m loving lately:

    1. Behind the Scenes- Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are so down to earth and I love the topics they discuss about relationships, faith, enneagram and life in general!

    2. Origins- they’ve been discussing Sex and the City and I’ve loved getting the deeper backstory behind the show and the movies. I watched every episode of the show a few years ago and it’s one of my favorites to throw on every now and again.

  4. Don’t forget to grab your January backgrounds for your computer and phone!!

  5. I’m in the market for a new eye mask that won’t break the bank but is also silk. I know everyone loves SLIP but that price tag!!!! Is it worth it?? What about this one?

  6. I loved Grace’s post on setting New Years intentions. She broke them down by long term and short term and actually made manageable goals. Grace’s blog is great in general too. She’s one of the 5 blogs I try to read every day.

  7. I just bought these and they’re a game changer. If you’re constantly looking for comfort and style look no further.

  8. For an early birthday present to myself I bought more of my favorite makeup remover/cleanser and this eye cream and if that doesn’t scream “woo I’m 26!” than I don’t know what does.

Happy Thursday!

Have anything fun to share? What’s your new favorite thing?