My Favorite Cozy Drinks

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It’s been a topsy turvy month. One of the best days of my life happened this month (saying YES to my fiance!) and there’s been a lot of hard and challenging moments as well. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to make a big ole mug of tea an hour before I go to bed and slooooowly sip it (it’s basically boiling at the beginning so it makes it so I can take a long time to drink it). I figured there might be others out there who could use some reminders to slow down at the end of the day and enjoy a hot cup of something delicious, so I’m sharing my favorite cozy drinks.

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  1. Gypsy Cold Care: This stuff is gold. I keep several bags in my “tea bag” (a Glossier pink bag) for work and a bunch at home. I even left some at my fiance’s house since he always seems to be fighting off some cold. It’s soothing and great if you feel that tickle in your throat that is warning you that you might be getting sick. The Echinacia Plus is also great but I like the taste of Gypsy Cold Care better.

  2. Peppermint tea: this is the holy grail. I am now at the point where I kind of neeeed a cup of peppermint tea before I go to bed. It’s so soothing and also helps calm my stomach if it’s acting up or I know that I ate something that I probably should not have.

  3. Oregon Chai mix: Mix this with some milk (I like almond or soy #teamnodairy unfortunately) and you have yourself an instant pick-me-up. It’s on the sweeter side so if you need something less sweet before bed I probably wouldn’t recommend this.

  4. The Nighttime Mix: I’m not sure where I read about this drink but this one is for sure a winner. It takes a bit more time to make so it’s more of a special occasion drink for me but it’s sooooo good. You mix loose leaf chamomile leaves (or earl gray if you want some caffeine), your mix of dairy or dairy free drink (I like vanilla almond milk from Trader Joe’s), loose lavender and some honey, let it mix all together in a pot for a couple minutes until steaming not boiling and then pour into your mug. Make sure to be a little conservative with how much tea and lavender you put in or else it becomes a little bitter. But you get this just right and it. is. heaven.

  5. Hot water kettle: I’m gonna throw this into the mix and say you need this. I love a traditional kettle but they take a loooooong time to heat up. Stealing this one from my mom’s house was one of the best things I’ve ever done (don’t worry she wasn’t using it!). The one linked is the one I have and it’s great! It’s been reliable for years now and we use it every day multiple times a day. This one is beautiful though :)

So there ya have it! What is your favorite cozy drink??