Some Ways to Fight the Winter Blues


The winter can be a really challenging time. Everyone is holed up inside for what feels like days, the sun barely makes itself known and I often don’t feel as motivated to work out or hold back from eating the “bad” things (you know, the chocolate, the processed goods, allll the sugar, etc). The last few weeks have had me feeling more anxious and depressed than I have felt in quite some time so I knew I needed to make some changes. I wasn’t prioritizing self-care and I definitely wasn’t exercising so I knew a lot of my poor mental health was attributed to that. On Sunday afternoon I prioritized getting myself back on track since it was my sabbath and that seemed like a pretty good use of a sabbath. Everyone’s needs are different so this is definitely not a one size fits all treatment plan but maybe it will give you some ideas on ways you can show yourself a little more love during these darker months. :)

  • Make a cozy drink and sit by a fire. If you don’t have a fireplace cuddle up in a blanket and watch something good or read!

  • Go for a brisk walk either with a friend or alone. Put on a podcast or your favorite song or just walk in silence. Here are some of my favorite podcasts.

  • Exercise!! I love a good outdoor run.

  • Bake something warm and delicious.

  • Do some spring cleaning. Check off some of the items you’ve been putting off. I cleaned my room and did some laundry to start the week and it felt great! If this is stressful for you though, then maybe don’t do this :)

  • Call up a friend or visit with one at a cozy coffee shop.

  • Do a face mask or a hair mask. Treat yo-self!

  • Go for a drive to clear your head. My fiance loves to do this. I don’t particularly love being in the car so this is usually a no go for me but here’s what I’m talking about with each relaxing item being unique to each person.

  • Take a long bath with some lavender bath salts. Again, not my thing but people love them!

  • Diffuse all the cozy and relaxing smells. I diffused eucalyptus on Sunday to go for that spa vibe.

  • Buy yourself some flowers and arrange them in fun containers. I bought a bunch of cheap eucalyptus and placed it in mason jars around my room.

  • Read the bible/journal/do some spiritual work. I always feel better after this.

  • Write out a list of everything you are grateful for. Keep pushing yourself to add more onto the list.

what are some of your favorite ways to decompress or lift yourself up during the winter months?