Tried & True (favorite recent purchase)

Happy Birthday!.png

I love seeing what people buy that they end up using again and again. If someone recommends something to me after loving it for a while, I’m sold. I was appreciating one of my purchases from the Fall the other morning (and basically every morning) when I realized I wanted to share it with everyone else so they could get in on the goodness as well. It’s nothing too fancy and honestly you probably already own one but this one is something special. Here’s my favorite purchase from the last 6 months:


The PB Teen Classic Robe

It’s long, it’s incredibly comfortable and it’s here to make your mornings lovely.

See? Nothing crazy but honestly, it’s changed my mornings and evenings. There’s something about getting into this robe in the evening with a cup of peppermint tea after a long day that instantly helps me relax. And in the mornings when it’s been soooo cold (sorry I know people live in places where it’s actually cold but this California girl has had some cold mornings over here too!) there’s been nothing better than throwing this on immediately after I get out of bed. You don’t need a bunch of throw blankets when you have this robe around. Oh, and definitely get the long length, it changes everything and really makes it more like a cozy blanket. :) Now I go around obnoxiously telling everyone the robe life is the best life. Here’s a link for the robe and it’s on sale right now!!!

this is a part of the tried & True series and will be featuring some of our contributors and some new faces around here as well. if you’ve got a favorite purchase let us know so you can share the wealth!

happy Tuesday friends!