Tips for a Better Night Sleep

*photo @saracovey

I am the world’s (self-described) lightest sleeper. A pin drops on the floor two rooms over and you best believe I’m up and wondering what happened. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a gift but if someone were to break into my home or the fire alarm goes off, I’ll be there to fight the bad guy or get everyone out of the building (ask my past roommates from my Portland days). All of this to say, I’ve had to figure out some methods to not only help me fall asleep faster but stay asleep as well. Here are some of my tried & true methods:

  1. Use an eye mask (preferably silk). I finally caved and bought this one and have no regrets. Definitely go with a dark color because light colors still allow light in.

  2. Use a fan or white noise app. I need to have a consistent sound playing in the background to help me fall asleep. I used to use a sound machine in high school but it was finicky. In the summer I use a fan and it keeps me cool and gives me a consistent sound. In the winter I use a white noise app on my phone that turns off after 8 hours.

  3. Keep your room cool. I’m a warm sleeper by nature but if my room is too warm I cannot, for the life of me, fall asleep and stay asleep. The biggest reason I wake up in the middle of the night is because I’m hot. I love leaving my window open to allow for a cool breeze and turn a fan on (sometimes even in the dead of winter I’ll leave the fan on). Don’t just trust me though, here’s some of the science.

  4. Magnesium supplements. I started taking 200-400 mg of Magnesium over the past month and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. Women are often low in Magnesium so it’s not a bad idea to take it for bone health, maintaining a healthy blood pressure and it also helps with sleep! (source) What I’ve found is that it helps me fall asleep faster than I was before so I’m loving it. Also, side note: I also started taking L-Theanine to help with anxiety and I’m liking that as well.

  5. Try not to drink anything right before bed. Maybe this is just me but if I have a big glass of water or tea right before bed I will never fall asleep because I’ll be up constantly going to the bathroom. I try to leave an hour between drinking my favorite peppermint tea and trying to go to sleep.

  6. Read a chapter of something. I used to read on my iPad all the time and was having the hardest time falling asleep. Lately I’ve been reading a chapter of a real book before turning off the lights and it’s really helped my body and mind to shut down. I’m reading A Love Letter Life right now and can’t recommend it enough.

  7. Exercise or stretch! Now I’ll be honest and admit this is something I often forget about but it really does help me fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Whenever I’m consistent about exercising my sleep improves tenfold. I wish this wasn’t so but it really, really is haha.

  8. Make your bed a cozy oasis. Invest in the cozy, organic sheets (I love these and these) and the fluffiest comforter (I’m trying out the Buffy comforter. I’ll let you know what I think later). Get the silk pillowcase and thank me later! Treat yo-self!

Am I missing anything? let me know if any of these helped!