Natural Shampoo that Actually Works

I love trying new products to the point where I spend way too much money on things just for the sake of trying. Shampoo is one of those items that I have been searching for for a loooooong time. I want it to be natural and free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances but actually WORK too! Crazy right? It’s taken me a few years but I feel like I finally found one that works. Full disclosure: the brand reached out to me to try their new shampoo so I agreed to try it but I promise I wouldn’t have taken the time to write this post if I honestly didn’t love this product.

I have fine, thick hair that is fairly wavy so it has texture to it but can also have shampoo build up quickly. It isn’t oily but it also isn’t super dry. Just like my skin, I feel like I have combination hair (a little bit of this and a little bit of that) if they even share that kind of a name. I’ve tried using classic/non-natural shampoo’s (I tried the Kristin Ess Purple Shampoo and feel “eh” about it so now it just sits in my shower) but I always go back to wanting something that is going on my scalp and being absorbed into my body, even for a short while, to be without the harsh chemicals and fragrances that so many store bought beauty products have.

Enter Maple Holistics Silk18 Shampoo. My hair feels suuuuper clean after using this and I have no build up on my scalp after using it now for a month and a half!! The natural vanilla fragrance is pretty strong but it doesn’t sit in your hair and/or smell strongly once you’re out of the shower so I’m fine with it. It works to keep your natural oils in place while also cleaning your scalp and they put jojoba and argan oil inside to add some shine to your hair. Again, the company provided the shampoo for an honest review and I wouldn’t say how much I love it if it wasn’t true (that’s just not how I roll).

If you’re thinking, “Thanks for the opinion Allie but I like options” then here are some shampoo’s my friends are currently loving:

Ashley: hands down Kristin Ess’ “The one”. the smell! Also it feels like a salon shampoo/conditioner but it’s literally 10 bucks!

Stephanie: I love OGX’s Tea Tree and Mint! Honestly I mostly use it because it has tea tree oil in it and I’m dedicated to not getting lice (Stephanie is a teacher!). It smells so yummy and the mint makes my scalp feel so fresh! It keeps my loooong hair healthy too.

Also, the Maple Holistics shampoo is only $12.95, Kristin Ess’ shampoo is $10, and OGX’s Tea Tree & Mint is $6.49!!!

so now we turn it over to you!

what’s your favorite shampoo right now?

Thanks to a Maple Holistics for being a great company that supports mod broad.