Let's Talk Sunscreen

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To start things off, I was “blessed” with pale skin that burns eeeeeeasily. Summertime to me smells like sunscreen and the general fear that I’ll acquire a sunburn so bad I’ll immediately get skin cancer (not a dramatic person at alllll). My mom used to lather me up constantly and now the responsibility falls on me. I’ve never gone a whole summer without a sunburn but I’ve definitely cut down on the amount of sunburns I get because I’ve become so diligent about staying out of the sun and/or lathering up frequently. Long gone are the days where I used to try and sit out with my friends that tan in the sun. Now you’ll find me with a hat on and probably in some form of shade. On top of finding a good wide brim hat that you love (I think I got one at Costco?), finding a reliable sunscreen that doesn’t feel sticky or rub on white is the key to cutting back on those skin cancer chances and keeping your skin youthful.

Here are some of my favorite sunscreens that are relatively clean (I just found out that Supergoop isn’t the cleaaaanist brand and I got really discouraged but when I looked them up on the EWG app it says they are still a 1 or a 2 so I’m keeping it in my arsenal) and don’t feel ridiculous when you put them on.

  1. Babo Daily Sheer Tinted Sunscreen: holy smokes I love this stuff. Honestly I’ve just been wearing this without any other foundation because it’s already getting so hot here and I despise wearing foundation in the summer. It makes you skin dewy (but not oily!), provides good coverage, AND it’s totally clean. Yesssss!

  2. Babo Sheer Zinc Sunscreen: Tried this this past weekend and loved it! Didn’t feel sticky, rubbed in really well and off I went! Friends, it even has hyaluronic acid in it to plump up your skin!!!

  3. Coola Sunscreen Spray: I got this in the guava mango scent and brought it to a bachelorette and everyone was obsessed with how amazing it smelt. I guess this one isn’t the absolute cleanest but it did receive a score of 3 because it does still contain octinoxate in it (octinoxate has hormone-mimicking effects found on animals).

  4. Supergoop Setting Spray: I looooove this stuff. I have a travel one in my car and I spray it before I commute home for an hour every day to protect my face in the car. It also keeps your makeup in tact and it smells nice. This scored a 4 on the EWG site because it has octinoxate, SD alcohol, homosalate, and octisalate but it also has majority clean ingredients in it.

  5. Supergoop Lip Balm: Love this stuff as well. I always forget to put SPF on my lips and that is no bueno. This one is cleaner and only contains octinoxate. It’s a 3 on the EWG site.

Also, the Babo sunscreens are from my new favorite website, Follain. You can trust that all of their products are truly clean because they go through a strict and thorough evaluation process. Basically, if you’re a clean skincare junky like myself, you’ll love this website.

hope this is helpful as we head into summer!

stay sun safe our there friends!