Summer Bucket List

summer is here!!

Here are some of my summer bucket list items (some I added because they’re already planned but I like crossing things off lists so let’s just let it happen…):

  1. No sunburns!! (Need a sunscreen recommendation?)

  2. Be comfortable with my natural hair. Go 5/7 days of the week with natural waves and/or without heat and just learn to love my natural waves.

  3. Visit two new states (Utah and New Mexico here I come!)

  4. No overbooking! Only 1-2 big events per weekend.

  5. Finalize all our vendors for the wedding and put down deposits.

  6. Reboot this blog! (I’ve kiiiinda started with these two posts in June right??)

  7. Workout/move my body 6 days of the week (even if it’s just a mile walk).

  8. Cut dairy mostly out of my diet. (I’m so bad about this and I know it hurts my stomach so I should be better)

  9. Only drink alcohol twice a week. I love a good glass of wine or a G&T after work but I’m trying to see how my body reacts to cutting out more alcohol as well as working out more consistently. (I ran across this article and while it feels very much steered towards the NY and LA crowd it was interesting to me)

  10. Read 3 books from the library. Time to dust off the ole library card!

what’s on your summer bucket list?