These are a few of my favorite things II

  1. Foster (documentary): I love HBO documentaries. I was flipping through options the other day and started watching this documentary and I was absolutely riveted. As someone who works with children with disabilities and occasionally gets a glimpse into the foster care/adoption world I thought this was very well done and really showcases the flaws in the system but also some of the social workers out there and the foster parents that are trying so hard to be better.

2. Percale sheets from Parachute: I finally invested in a top sheet and a duvet cover to compliment my fitted sheet and I’m obsessed. I’m a very warm sleeper and the Percale has really gotten to show off the last few weeks since we’ve gotten into the 90’s here. I stay cool and I love that they get softer the more you wash them. Definitely worth the price.

3. The Breeze comforter from Buffy: Along the same lines as the sheets, I tried out Buffy after hearing so many good things about it. I tried out the Cloud and while it was cozy, it didn’t help my hot sleeper situation. Their customer service is incredible and you have a 30 day trial so I donated the comforter once I told them it wasn’t going to work for me (such a neat concept). I then tried out The Breeze made out of eucalyptus fiber that is made for warmer sleepers and holy smokes I’m sold. Also eucalyptus fiber is biodegradable and uses less water and land than cotton. Buffy also keeps a smaller supply and less products to make sure they are all made in an ethical factory and with responsible materials. It’s worth the price 100%.

4. Greta Gerwig’s Little Women: Be still my heart. This is one of my favorite movies and I absolutely can’t wait for Greta Gerwig’s version to come out at Christmas. This cast alone would make anyone want to see this movie.

5. Quiet Town- After finding this company I immediately texted my fiance and said we NEED one of these shower curtains in our future home. Probably a bath mat too. A small company, located in Brooklyn, making most of their products in Brooklyn, using USA grown materials, and the products are handmaid/individually sown with love??? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is the stuff of my dreams. I love their company philosophy as well. These are the kinds of companies that make me excited to be a consumer and help me be optimistic about the future of retail.

what are you loving?