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Allie H

Hi there! I’m Allie, the person behind the blog, organizing the posts, and also the person randomly popping in and giving my own two cents on things. I like taking pictures, trying out fancy pants coffee shops, visiting my friends across the U.S., enjoying a nice whiskey cocktail or a glass of wine, going on day adventures, hiking, and Parks & Rec. Fun fact: I was Leslie Knope for 3 Halloweens in a row. #dedication.


ally r.

I have a master’s degree in nutrition, so I like to say I majored in food. I’m a big proponent of eating well, but I also believe we all deserve a doughnut sometimes. Tree hugger, mountain lover, mediocre marathoner and triathlete. If I’m not playing outside, I’m whipping something up in the kitchen or watching The Office in its entirety for the seventeenth time. Eating is my favorite thing.



I'm a speech and language specialist living in Orange County, CA. I love yoga, running, taking pictures of pretty things, trying new coffee shops around the world, essential oils and natural products. I'm a self proclaimed coffee snob, health nut, and I'm also a new homeowner!!